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Surf in Salento

People who loves sea, as suchs as Surf in Salento friends, and feeds on waves, it's always looking for strong emotions, to be lived spaceless and timeless. Looking for the right “wave” it's a normal condition: sometimes you can find it close to you, sometimes you have to go far. And it's not just matter of curiosity, often it's matter of necessity.
Surf in Salento is a sport reality born from the passion for the sea and for board sports: kitesurfing, surfing, paddle, sup and windsurf.
Typical marine activities that, in Salento, could be practiced all year round. offers to wave lovers the opportunity to learn about the initiatives planned and the right places for practicing water sports. It's a way to organize in groups, rent equipment, learn about lessons time and create a virtual meeting place for all fans.
kitesurfing, surfing, paddle, sup and windsurf lessons, weather report, rent equipment, booking activities.

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