North Adriatic Coast

The Province of Lecce lies between two seas, the Adriatic and the Ionian, splitting them from Palascia's Lighthouse to Otranto. The Salento coast, sandy and flat, easily reached and with several attractions, starts with the towns of San Cataldo, Frigole, Torre Chianca, Spiaggiabella, and Torre Rinalda. The beach along here is sandy and flat, easily accessible and has several beach resorts. These Leccese towns are a good reference point for those who only have a few hours to spend at the seaside, they are also inhabited all year and the local traditional restaurants offer many fish-based dishes. For nature lovers, there is the Bosco e Paludi di Rauccio Regional Park and the oases of Le Cesine. By car, these are reachable on the highway East of Lecce and are within 15km of the towns.
Following the Adriatic south, we find Melendugno where rocky trails, caverns, and coves line the coast. Torre Specchia is known for its many free and wild beaches. San Foca has its landmark coastal tower and a marina between two beaches. Roca Vecchia is famous throughout Salento for its charming cave, known as Poesia, where legend says a princess swam every day. In Torre dell'Orso, the Two Sisters, two world famous stacks, dominate a beautiful beach protected by a pine forest. The last stop before the city of Otranto is Torre Sant'Andrea, famed for its cliffs and its night life which make much of Salento's summer fun part of its history.
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