Torre Ovo, Librari and Trullo di Mare are, as a whole, the Marina di Torricella, a hamlet in the municipality of Torricella, in the province of Taranto. The village is located on the Ionian coast and consists of 3 main centers: Torre Ovo is located about 8 km south of Torricella and about 45 km south-east from Taranto. A smaller portion of the territory, however, is administratively part of the municipality of Maruggio, also in the province of Taranto. On this portion is the Saracen tower which gives its name to the locality. Despite this administrative division, the area is still considered unique. Torre Ovo, along with the town of Trullo di Mare and Librari, constitutes the Marina di Torricella.

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Ovo tower (1.3 km)
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