Coastal Watchtowers / Torre Ovo - Maruggio (TA)

Ovo tower

Torre Ovo is a tower built in 1473 to defend the country against the attacks of the Saracens. The tower is currently located in the municipality of Maruggio, on the border with the municipality of Torricella, and gives its name to the navy of the latter. It is situated on a cliff overlooking the sea 15 meters high, called Monte dell 'Ovo. The tower is a tower typical of the kingdom, and has a shape of a truncated pyramid with a square base. Leaning against the original structure, there are three other structures built later. The sea contains the remains of one of the oldest fishing activities in the Mediterranean, the "tonnara" (tuna fishing). In the depths of Torre Ovo we can find antique anchors which were used as ballast for boats casting their nets. In the water below the tower, when the sea is calm and clear, you can see the ancient megalithic blocks engraved with Greek writings.

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