Cavallino is an Italian town of 12,684 inhabitants in the province of Lecce. Located in Salento, south of Lecce, it's an important messapic center which houses many archaeological sites. The urban center of Cavallino is about 7 km from the center of the capital city, while the hamlet of Castromediano is fully incorporated into the urban fabric of the same city of Lecce. The territory of the municipality, which covers an area of ??22.34 square kilometers in the northern part of the province, has a flat morphology; The municipal center is located at 32 m. above sea level. The municipality is bordered to the north by the town of Lecce, on the east by the municipality of Lizzanello, to the south with the municipalities of Caprarica of Lecce and San Donato di Lecce and to the west with the municipality of San Cesario di Lecce.
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