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Art nourishes the spirit, heals the soul, and gives beauty and happiness.
On these premises, Tiziano Giurin, a gallery owner with a European heart, has created a venue in Lecce where everything becomes possible and where art has a universal sense.
Art&Co is the physical place where you can admire Giorgio De Chirico masterpieces, or the beautiful Ugo Nespolo's inlays and the paintings of Giuseppe Amadio, but at the same time it is a philosophy of life, to introduce Lecce people to the universe of art. Gallery was opened three years ago to create a connection between art and citizens. Actually, Art&Co staff organize many initiatives such as art exhibitions, even touring ones, books launch and children workshops.
Via Salvatore Nahi 27-29 - Lecce (LE)
40.3351425097 - 18.1664172559

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