Taranto and Surroundings

Taranto, also known as the "city of the two seas", is one of a kind.
The old town is connected to the modern center by a swing bridge. The old heart is represented by a number of churches and historic buildings, on which stands the church of San Cataldo, the oldest in Apulia.
The Aragonese Castle (also called Castel Sant'Angelo) overlooks the sea and, in a sense, acts as a link between the old and the modern town. With long and low towers, the castle is now home of the Navy.
Obligatory stop for those who want to know this area is the town of Grottaglie, which is about twenty kilometers from the capital. Famous centre for its renowned ceramics and for the Musica Mundi Festival, organized every year in August, in the striking Cave of Fantiano.
Impossible not to be fascinated by the Park of the Gravine, where nature explodes in all its splendor, offering a stunning scenery. 60 canyons, overlooking right on the Gulf of Taranto, constitute one of the most extraordinary and fascinating natural parks of Italy.
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