Castles / Cavallino (LE)

Castromediano di Cavallino's palace

The castle or ducal palace of the Castromediano-Limburg is a construction of the second half of the 15th century, with structural additions and renovations made during the 16th and 17th centuries .
The interior, with an atrium in which is positioned a stone statue depicting Kiliano of Limburg from Lecce, founder of the Castromediano family, has large rooms decorated with architectural elements, typical of the Baroque period . Of particular value is the art gallery, where the vault is enriched by the zodiac symbols, the armory and the living room. This room is decorated with two paintings, one of which is attributed to the painter Oronzo Tiso. In the castle there is also a small chapel graced by the altars dedicated to the Madonna Addolorata and the Madonna di Leuca, and some paintings by Gianserio Strafella .
The ownership of the property is divided between the municipality of Cavallino and the Province of Lecce.
40.31286 - 18.20241

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