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Le Sporte Salentine

“Sporte Salentine” are born from the idea of combining wine and food, art and craft of the area in an original shopping bag. Available in small version, medium and large, they represent the image of the Salento quality. They are an interesting spuvenir.
Behind the project there is the idea of joining Taste and Art, as art and crafts.
Six oil, wine, pasta, jams and cakes producers from Salento, along with some artists and craftsmen and together with the staff of Club House and Salentotravel, created the first "Salento basket " , transforming the typical bag for food, which once was made with woven cane, in an object that brings together fashion and tradition.

The modern version, in cotton, has been produced by Daf, an established company in Lecce, specialized in craft productions.

Natale Pasticceria, Quarta Vignaiolo, Pasta De Castro, Olio San Basilio, Masseria San Lorenzo e Masseria Bianca are pioneers in this project in which, for the first time, companies work together for the promotion of various products but mainly for the promotion of the territory.

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