Mottola is a town and comune in the province of Taranto, in the Puglia region of southeast Italy. It is situated on a hill (387 metres AMSL) in the sub-region of Murgia. It is also called "The Ionian Spy" for its strategic geographical position. From various points of the town all Taranto's Gulf can be admired. The economy is based mostly on agriculture and food production (olives, wine, citrus fruits, vegetables). Tourism and manufacture of wooden fixtures are also developed. The Mottola's hill was inhabited since prehistory. In fact, in 1899 where founded a bronze closet of that historical period. The town was destroyed in 1102 after a popular rebellion to the chancellor Muarcaldo. In Medieval age, Mottola became a "castellum" and was governed by catapan Basilio Boioannes. During the Norman domination period, the town became a Diocese until 1818, when lost the title for Castellaneta. In 1653 with the notary act of Giovanni Angelo Durante di Napoli, the feud was sold to Francesco Caracciolo, the Martina Franca's duke. In the Bourbon Restoration period, Mottola follow the Italian unification events, suffering the subversive actions made by "Briganti". Mottola enjoys a typical mediterranean climate, with the greatest amounts of precipitation mainly occurring from mid-October to mid-April; any precipitation is sparse during summer and it generally takes the form of showers and/or thunderstorms. The average temperature varies from a low of 5 °C in January to a high of 28 °C in July and August. The wettest months are December and March averaging between 15 to 20 cm. Fog is highly usual in the town centre but it is less frequent in the outskirts, specially in the south part. Spring and fall (autumn) are considered ideal seasons for sightseeing and all kinds of outdoor activities. Summers can be particularly hot. Mottola country is rich of karsts called "gravine", usually situated in the south side of the town. The most important are Forcella, San Biagio, di Capo Gavito and Petruscio. The last one is certainly the most predominant. There are numerous religious events during the Holy Week in Mottola. These events are characterized by typical processions, celebrating the Passion, made by hooded faithfuls called "paranze" in the last days of the week. The processions take place through the streets of the historical centre and end in the Our Lady of Mount Carmel church, that is also the organizer church.
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