Parks / Taranto (TA)

Regional Nature Park Terra delle Gravine

It 'a regional nature park established in Apulia in 2005 to protect the wildlife and landscape heritage. It covers the provinces of Brindisi and Taranto, in the area of the Murgia.
You may come across several small birds of prey; at night it is easy to see bats.
The most common mammals are the hare, the fox, the urchin, porcupine, badger, wild boar, deer and small rodents such as the dormouse and the squirrel. Present sporadically on the Murgia and the surrounding wooded areas also groups of wolves.
The reptiles present are snakes, the viper and the least dangerous lizard and turtle. Common occurrence is that of the "Apulian" gecko Kotschy that in the folk tradition is called m'bracidita or fracitana lizard.
There are holm oaks, Aleppo pines, arbutuses, ashes, carobs, maples and wild asparagus.
There are also flowers like the wild orchids, honeysuckle, cyclamen, hawthorn, wild rose, pomegranate, quince and prickly pear.

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