Castles / Cutrofiano (LE)

Filomarini's Palace

It is a 17th-century palace whose work is attributed to Francesco Manuli. The structure is the result of the adaptation and restructuring of the existing castle. It is also known as Palace of the Princess because Marianna, the last of the Filomarinis, who died in 1845, was succeeded by his son Gaetano of Aragon who married Sarah Pryce. The latter, who died in 1897, was called Princess by the locals.

Of the old building remains part of the lower floor and a 15th-century tower. The balconies in front of the town hall square, the elegant staircase group and the balcony overlooking the inner courtyard can be traced back to the 16th century. The sober façade in Via Filomarini in Lecce's local stone, with ashlar portal and anthropomorphic gargoyles, dates back to the 17th century. The building is now home to art exhibitions.

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