Megalith / Minervino di Lecce (LE)

Dolmen Scusi

It is the first dolmen discovered and cataloged in Apulia: the discovery by Maggiulli dates back to 1879. It stands about 1 meter above ground level and has a cover plate (250 x 380 cm) with a thickness between 35 and 45 cm. This plate is supported by 8 piers, one of which consists of a monolithic and a rocky outcrop. The capstone is inclined by about 9 ° from SE to NW and has a through hole in the center, also found in other dolmens of Salento, in which the sun's rays will penetrate entirely only on the day of the summer solstice. The opening of the megalite is oriented at SE.
For its large dimensions, it can be considered the largest dolmen in Apulia after the one in Bisceglie. The whole dolmen area has been recently restored with the creation of the Dolmen Li Scusi's Cultural Park.
40.0952411922 - 18.4326392412

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