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Casa Pasca

Casa Pasca is a welcoming and protected court-yard onto which look the terraces, shining in the southern light, with their geranium and myrtle flowers; it is the scent of lemons, it is the breeze coming from the sea in the morning. In Casa Pasca you breathe a climate that is serenely informal and descretely reserved.
Casa Pasca is the name of a courtyard that goes back to the 16th century, situated behind one of the most fascinating baroque palaces of the area, Palazzo Pasca.
Here once there were the wine-cellars, the stables and the store-rooms which were used by the family and for agricultural activities.
In Casa Pasca the day begins with a delicious breakfast.
There is a wide range of savoury flavours: with the traditional ?frise?, the small puccia-bread with olives and the pizzi-bread seasoned with the products from the kitchen garden; and also the sweet flavours: fruit pies, quince jelly, fig and grape-jam, marmalades and so much fruit from the garden. To make such a perfect holiday ideal, there are the afteroons and the evenings spent together. There is a room for listening to music and for reading, where you can learn about Salento, its culture, its art and its traditions.
Via Bonaventura Pasca, 6 - Cocumola - Minervino di Lecce (LE)
40.0675297925 - 18.4310004115
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