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Coastal Watchtowers / Santa Cesarea Terme (LE)

Santa Cesarea tower

Santa Cesarea tower, or Belvedere Tower, is a coastal tower located in the municipality of Santa Cesarea Terme in the province of Lecce. It is located at 110 meters above above sea level. It is one of the many towers built in the 16th century scattered along the Salento coast that served as a lookout against the incursions of the Saracens. It's 8 meters high, it's made with irregular stones and has a small square window. It is surrounded by a large area of Mediterranean scrub and dominates the hill above the village. It visually communicates to the north with Specchia's watchtower and to the south with Miggiano's tower. In 2012 it was decided to restorate of the tower, which was necessary because of the poor conditions in which it was, mainly due to factors related to the weather. The restoration, which ended in the early months of 2013, resulted in the architectural and static recovery of the structure.
40.0373839504 - 18.4574148058

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