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La Casarana Resort

Casarana Resort & SPA is surrounded by 22 hectares pine forest and maquis. At a range of 2 Km from the enchanting Lido Marini (Ugento.Lecce), it is the perfect place for a relaxing, funny and healthy holiday. The structure perfectly marries the landscape with its suggestive internals and externals. Its furnished surroundings are elegant, wide and comfortable.
S.P. 193 Presicce-Lido Marini - Presicce (LE)
Hotel, Residence, Reception h 24, bar, pool bar, cable radio, air conditioning, restaurant, kitchenette, beach with shuttle service, swimming pools, beauty farm, massages, soft entertainment, amusement arcade, cinema little room, theatre in pinewood, bycicles, fitness gym (open24 hours).

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Mozza tower (3.87 km)
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L'Incanto (15.3 km)
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