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Alberghiera is a firm specialized in working clothes retail, hotel uniforms and small appliances, catering supplies, cutlery, household, home accessories, porcelain, glassware and home ornaments. It's a shop also specialized in wedding lists.
The wide range of products to choose will help couples to have fully loaded kitchens: from the latest generation of small household appliances to the coolest dish set.
The company has more than twenty years of experience in an industry that, especially in recent times, has captured a more and more extensive slice of people. Not only bar or restaurant owners, but also common people. Alberghiera offers a wide range of items able to satisfy professional and personal needs of each customer, ensuring an extremely satisfactory quality-price index.
viale Guglielmo Marconi, 5 - Lecce (LE)
Clothing cooks, professional attire for hotels and catering, kitchen accessories, weeding favors, gowns and aprons, household articles, cutlery, hotel suppluies, bakery tools and catering supplies.

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