Lido Conchiglie

Lido Conchiglie is a seaside resort in the province of Lecce administratively divided between the municipalities of Sannicola and Gallipoli. It is located on the Ionian coast between Santa Maria al Bagno and Rivabella and lies at the foot of a high ridge. The village, inhabited mainly during the summer, has a coastline of about 2 km characterized by stretches of cliffs high and low and a large sandy stretch. Of particular interest is the rocky landscape of the "mountain split", so called because of a passage cut in the rock for the construction of the coastal road. Lido Conchiglie developed in the forties of the twentieth century following the construction of a bathhouse baptized Lido Conchiglie on the beach due to the presence of numerous shells. The territory has been inhabited since the Paleolithic period, as evidenced by the findings of clay shards of pottery and human remains. During the Byzantine period the town was settled by the Basilian monks, who built the Abbey of San Mauro around the 10th century, whose church is still on the height of the High Lido.

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