Noha is, along with Collemeto and Santa Barbara, a hamlet of the town of Galatina, in the province of Lecce. Located at 78 m above sea level, in the central-western part of the province, lies at about 2 km from the capital city to the south. Its original name reported on documents and maps of the past was Noe, while in other documents it was called Noia. There are various theories about the origin of the name itself. Noha may have inherited its name from the ancient feudal family of the De Noha from Lecce, certainly present in the territory since 1253. In the oldest documents, the city appears with the name of "Noia", which would suggest a possible derivation from the medieval term"novia", which was to indicate the marshland. Others say it derives from the Greek word "noe" (to see), to indicate the favorable location of the city, placed higher than the surrounding area.

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(1.75 km)
Light Gate (2.22 km)
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Tenuta Stevens (11.56 km)
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Hostaria Aretè (16.35 km)
Vitaminas (18.59 km)
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Salsedine Beach (14.55 km)

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