Miggiano is an Italian town of 3,702 inhabitants of the province of Lecce in Apulia . Located in the lower Salento, a few km from the Adriatic coast, 50 km from the chieftown and 22 km from Santa Maria di Leuca. Since 2003 has the title of City. The town of Miggiano, located in the central part of the Capo di Leuca at the foot of the Serre Salento, has a flat shape and is between 101 and 115 metres above sea level . The territory, both in terms of geological morphology, the surface is composed of limestone Melissano formed in the Cretaceous . The nature of karst terrain favours the creation of long underground rivers that feed the aquifers . The town, whose area covers about 7.64 km ², bordered to the north Montesano Salentino, in the east Tricase south with Mirror, on the west by Ruffano. Climate The weather station of reference is that of Santa Maria di Leuca . According to climate averages 1971 - the two thousandth, the temperature average of the coldest month, February, is +10.0 °C, while the hottest month, August, is +25.3 °C average is count zero frost days per year and 20 days with maximum temperature greater than or equal to +30 °C. The extremes of temperature recorded in the same thirty years are -2.8 °C of the January 1979 and +39.6 °C of July 1988 . The rainfall annual average stood at 563 mm, medium distributed in 61 rainy days, with minimum in summer and peak in autumn - winter . Below is the table with the climatic averages and maximum and minimum values recorded in absolute trantennio 1971st - 2000 and published in the Atlas of Climate Italy's Air Force Meteorological Service on the same three decades. History If your paper mentions for the first time the village of Miggiano in 1182, settlements and archaeological finds on the ground are anticipating the origins of the country in the period Messapian or Roman, or even to ' Bronze Age, which dates back to the standing stones and caves carved into the rock. The first settlement itself but is due to ' Middle Ages when people took refuge in the area from the coast and from there escaped following the barbarian invasions and Saracen . Later, in 1156, these people joined the people of the city of Large destroyed by William the Bad . In 1190, in Norman, the fief of Miggiano was donated by the Count of Lecce Tancred on Filiberto Monteroni. There followed a succession of several noble families: the spirit, and Gallon Vernaleone

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