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Amusement Park / Salice Salentino (LE)

Salento in miniatura

Theme Park "Salento in miniatura" is located in the estate of Salice Salentino (LE), next to that of Veglie, and consists of spectacular attractions that give the public some great moments of pleasure and cultural interest.
The park, in fact, expresses an intent of recreating environments and atmospheres purely belonging to Salento, and surrounded and enriched by legends, culture and traditions.
The Salento peninsula is recreated in all its geographical and cultural aspects: the park features perfect reproductions of landscapes, places and monuments from across the great Salento.
The park has a large area called "Piazza Eventi", expressly dedicated to "Don Tonino Bello"
The big monument called OPUS JUSTICIA PAX, which literally means "Work, justice, peace", is made of local stone (known as pietra leccese) from a Salentine craftsman.
In the Enchanted Garden, the talking olive trees adorn each listener with poems, proverbs, old sayings, and Salentine moments in music, inviting them to dance the very traditional "Pizzica Salentina".
S. P. Salice-Veglie: km 1.2 - Salice Salentino (LE)
40.363352 - 17.969279
Tourist paths and educational training courses, restaurant.

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