Torre Sant'Andrea

Torre Sant'Andrea is a seaside resort in Salento, village and marina of the municipality of Melendugno, in the province of Lecce. Andrew is dominated by a large, cool pine forest that reaches to the Lakes Alimini. Fishing port situated on the Adriatic Sea, 2 km from the most famous seaside resort of Torre Dell'orso, is located 15 km north from Otranto and 20 km from Lecce. Very well known are its stacks that attract large numbers of tourists and lovers of unspoiled landscapes. At Torre Sant'Andrea stand the ruins of the 16th-century tower of the same name.
40.25472 - 18.44389

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Orso's tower (2.49 km)
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Il Vecchio Molo (6.32 km)
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Baia d'oriente (2.25 km)
Girodiboa Beach (2.67 km)

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