Acaya is a small village, a community frazione of Vernole, a district in the province of Lecce in southern Apulia, Italy. The village center is an example of one of the fortified villages left in Apulia. The urban architecture was planned to optimize defense and surviving capabilities. The road system pattern dates back to the 16th century. The village is divided into rectangular insulae. The village center consists of six roads that are parallel from the south to the north and all have a width of 4 meters, the same distance (17 meters) and almost all the same length. From east to west, there are three axes perpendicular to the parallel streets, making all of the streets orthogonal. Public buildings, such as the castle and church, built along the roads diagonally. The town is located five kilometers from the Adriatic sea and the Cesine nature reserve (Riserva naturale statale Le Cesine).
Vernole (LE)
40.33556 - 18.29806

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