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Regional Natural Park Ugento's Coast

The Regional Natural Park Ugento's Coast was established by Regional Law no. 13 of 28 May 2007. The park is situated along the Ionian coast, in the most southern part of the Salento peninsula and is bordered by the towns of Torre San Giovanni and Lido Marini. It protects, to a depth of about three kilometers from the coast and for a length of eight, a very valuable coastal sequence, consisting of a dune system and retrodunale, by a series of tidal basins and connecting channels, by an imposing fossil cliff with ravines and the widest area of the Mediterranean scrub of Salento.
It was established on May 28, 2007, after a long process that has finally managed to recognize the importance of the whole landscape of the territories that belong to it.
39.8828694899 - 18.1257247924

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