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Provincial Museum "S. Castromediano"

The Provincial Museum Sigismondo Castromediano is an archaeological museum of Lecce. It is the oldest museum in Apulia, founded in 1868 by Sigismondo Castromediano, Duke of Cavallino. In the prehistoric section, Grotta dei Cervi of Porto Badisco was reconstructed, with interesting rocky paintings. In the Art Gallery, located on the top floor, are paintings that document the byzantine and venetian influences on the work of local artists from the Middle Ages until the 18th century. A section is dedicated to the so-called minor arts: ceramics, pottery, ivories, bronzes and silvers of the baroque period.
viale Gallipoli, 28 - Lecce (LE)
40.3468957271 - 18.1703621149

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