Sports and Wellness / Acaya - Vernole (LE)

Acaya Golf Resort & spa

A sweet breeze passes through this landscape from ancient beauty. Here you will find the privilege of infinite silence broken only by song of the cicadas. Find open spaces, endless. Find wellbeing, a true wellness. Breaths. There is everything you want. Any thing. With the best service. The best food. The best comfort. The best climate. AND the warmest hospitality. Warm as the sun of the Salento
Strada Comunale di Acaya Km 2 - Acaya - Vernole (LE)
Chromotherapy and panoramic Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, frigidarium, tepidarium, sensory shower, relaxation area with herbal teas and complimentary pack with fluffy bathrobes and towels.

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Porto Adriano (4.91 km)
Cocoyè (5.02 km)

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